Course and Credit Information

Field-based courses are at the heart of Au Sable’s work, and we’ve been offering them for over 30 years now. Our courses supplement the environmental science curriculum of over 50 Christian colleges throughout North America, allowing you to take a diverse range of courses focused on your area of interest at our four campuses around the world: Great Lakes, Pacific Rim, Costa Rica, and India.

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Course List

Au Sable courses meet upper-level biology, environmental science, and environmental studies requirements, either as required or elective credits, towards an undergraduate degree. Additionally, almost all of our courses are designated as 4-credit hours. However, if you are a prospective student, it is important to verify the credits you’ll receive with your faculty representative.

Below is a list of our course offerings for this school year and upcoming summer. Each course includes a course description, which days it meets, the course type (field, interdisciplinary, and/or applied), the total number of course hours (contact hours), and our instructor. The course type and contact hours can be used when selecting courses which meet the requirements for our Certificate Programs. If you have any further questions about courses, please contact our registrar, Dave Mahan, or the admissions office.  You may also download a copy of our course brochure or academic bulletin.

  Great Lakes Pacific Rim India Costa Rica
January Term
(Dec 27 - Jan 17)

Ecology of the Indian Tropics

May Term
(May 19 - Jun 6)

Field Biology in Spring

Field Ecology of Birds


Tropical Agriculture
and Missions

Summer Session I
(Jun 9 -
Jul 11)

Animal Ecology

Aquatic Biology

Conservation Biology

Field Botany

Land Resources

Molecular Tools
for the Field Biologist

Research Methods I

Summer Session II
(Jul 14 -
Aug 15)


Lake Ecology and Management

Restoration Ecology

Watersheds in Global Development

Wildlife Ecology

Environmental Applications in Geographic Information Systems

Alpine Ecology

Ecological Agriculture


Development and Sustainability

Marine Biology

Marine Mammals



Additional periodic courses:

  • Advanced Field Botany (Biol 411)
  • Appropriate Technology & Stewardship Praxis (EnvSt/Biol/Int 353)
  • Bioethics: Bridge to the Future (Biol/EnvSt/Phil 351)
  • Bioregional Models for Environmental Stewardship (Biol/Geog 457)
  • Biosphere Science (Biol/EnvSt/Geol/Geog 389)
  • Birds and Mammals of East Africa (Biol 331)
  • Birds and Mammals of South India (Biol 330)
  • Birds of the African Tropics (Biol 307)
  • Capstone Seminar and Practicum (Biol/EnvSt/ Geog/Rel 443)
  • Development and Ecological Sustainability in Africa (Biol/Geog 308)
  • Directed Individual Study (Biol/Chem/Geog 390)
  • Ecological Issues in Science and Religion (EnvSt/Rel 352)
  • Ecology of African Agriculture (Biol/Geog/Agri 403)
  • Environmental Art & Illustration (Art/EnvSt 210)
  • Environmental Education (EnvSt/Educ 380)
  • Environmental Ethics (EnvSt/Rel 350)
  • Environmental History of the Pacific Northwest (Hist/EnvSt/Int 368)
  • Field Biology of the Pacific Northwest (Biol/Geog 366)
  • Field Geology (Geol/Geog 216)
  • Field Geology of the Pacific Northwest (Geol/Geog 217)
  • Fish Biology and Ecology (Biol 342)
  • Forest Ecology (Biol 487)
  • Individual Study - Forum 2002 (Geog 390)
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (EnvSt/Geog 357)
  • Introduction to Tropical Medicine (Biol 450)
  • Land Resources of South India (Biol/Geol/Geog 309)
  • Land Stewardship Ecology (Biol 486)
  • Mammals of East Africa (Biol 329)
  • Marine Invertebrates (Biol 377)
  • Marine Stewardship (Biol 417)
  • Natural History of the Chesapeake (Biol/Geog 267)
  • Ornithology: Western Birds (Biol 306)
  • Pacific Rim Development and Ecological Sustainability (Biol/Geog 306)
  • Pacific Salmon and Fisheries Stewardship (Biol 344)
  • Plant Ecology (Biol 477)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Directed Study (Biol/EnvSt/Geog 990)
  • Principles of Environmental Education and Interpretation (EnvSt/Educ 380)
  • Research (Biol/Chem/Geog 499)
  • Research - Session II (Biol/Chem/Geog 499)
  • Restoration Ecology Applications (Biol 483)
  • Special Topics in Environmental Studies (EnvSt/Biol/Geog/Int 400)
  • Stewardship Art (EnvSt/Int 370)
  • Stream Ecology and Watersheds (Biol 346)
  • Summer Flora (Biol 333)
  • The Ecology of Commerce (EnvSt/Biol/Bus 348)
  • Town and Country Stewardship Planning (Biol/EnvSt/Geog 326)
  • Tropical Botany (Biol 319)
  • Tropical Mountain Ecology (Biol 479)
  • Wetland Ecology (Biol 489)
  • Winter Biology (Biol 310)
  • Woody Plants (Biol 315)