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Watershed Stewardship Students Recognized by US EPA and Global Water Watch

Aug 10, 2012

Jonathan Naritoku (Biola University), Jennifer Cobb (Cornerstone University), Diane Harris (Calvin College), Kelsey Piepkorn (Bethel University), Rebecca Wadman (Cedarville University), and Savhannah Harris (Geneva College) of Au Sable's 2012 Watershed Stewardship class completed requirements for two nationally and internationally recognized programs during the course of their studies at the Au Sable Institute this summer.

A certificate in Watershed Management from the US Environmental Protection Agency's (US EPA) Watershed Academy was awarded to each student for successful completion of fifteen core modules, including studies in watershed ecology, watershed analysis and planning, water conservation law, and public outreach in water conservation management. The six students also received certification from Auburn University's Global Water Watch (GWW) program in recognition of their completion of four water management-related workshops, including stream discharge monitoring, water chemistry monitoring, bacteriological monitoring, and stream bioassessment. These workshops are similar to those offered to thousands of participants in the GWW program, which, over the past 20 years, has been active in nine countries worldwide.

The 2012 Watershed Stewardship course was taught by Dr. William Deutsch, Research Fellow of Auburn Univeristy and Director of Alabama Water Watch, a citizen volunteer, water quality monitoring program covering all of the major river basins in Alabama and a part of the GWW network. The Au Sable Institute commends Dr. Deutsch and his students for their deserved recognition and honor in receiving these certifications.