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The Van Ees in Puerto Rico

Nov 20, 2017

Ben and Missy Van Ee are important members of the Au Sable community.  They both have spent considerable time on our northern Michigan campus in a variety of roles.   Ben and Missy, along with their three young children, currently live in Puerto Rico and witnessed the destruction of Hurricane Maria as it devastated the island in September. 


The Van Ees are now working with their friends and neighbors to try and return to a sense of normalcy, but it's not easy. Their church building was literally blown away by the storm and the congregants now meet each Sunday under temporary shade structures. while the Van Ees were well prepared and stocked up on drinking water, non-perishable foods, and some fuel for their small generator before the storm, they spent 43 days without electricity. Now happy to have their power back on, the Van Ees are fortunate to live close to the city of Mayaguez and feel blessed to have their electricity restored. Much of Puerto Rico is still without power.

To learn more about the Van Ee family and ways that you can support their community in recovery from the hurricane, you can visit Missy’s blog at:


Photos are taken by Ben and Missy Van Ee, and were originally posted on Missy's blog.