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New Archway Gives Nod to Past While Welcoming Future

Mar 17, 2014

The man who built Au Sable and welcomed its initial students is at it again. Au Sable founder, Harold Snyder, has led efforts to build a gateway to welcome new students and visitors to the Institute's 120-acre campus. Au Sable has often been an entry point to a place where people make new discoveries: about the world, about themselves, about community, and about their relationship with God. The new Au Sable gateway marks a specific entry point to this place and welcomes students, visitors, and others to encounter what God has in store for them during their time on campus.

For decades, Au Sable's Great Lakes Campus has been the center of personal and professional transformation for thousands of students. The new gateway does not change that, but it provides a physical manifestation of its effect by saying, "When you pass through and under this arch, you have come to a special place. Welcome to a new way to see the world and a new way to see your life. Enter in."

During the winter months, a team of artists, carpenters, and masons have been hard at work constructing the new archway. You can chart their progress in the photographs we've captured below:

It's all hands on deck unloading the support beams for the new arch.

Executive Director Fred Van Dyke happily inspects the timber beams being unloaded from the truck.

The archway is positioned at the Au Sable entryway right next to our current signpost.

Jewell Construction workers lay the foundation for the new archway. 

The construction team posts our archway header.

Laying the fence entry pillars with care. 

The new archway, welcoming all future visitors to meaningful encounters with God, people, and place.