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Intentionally Creating Community: Jon Terry Joins Au Sable Staff

Jun 16, 2017


Au Sable inspires and educates people to serve, protect, and restore God’s earth. It’s a great mission, constantly advanced through our college courses, our Environmental Education Program (EEIP), and the Au Sable research program to reclaim abandoned oil pads, protect the endangered Kirtland’s warbler, and restore the Arctic grayling to Michigan. But Au Sable’s mission is not limited to these. It is carried out by thousands of Au Sable alumni at work worldwide. The Au Sable mission is being accomplished by the Au Sable community, and part of Au Sable’s work is to strengthen every member of that community to be a more active part of this mission. To that end, Au Sable is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Jon Terry as Au Sable’s new Director of Community Development and Alumni Relations.

Raised in northern Michigan in nearby Charlevoix and Petoskey, Jon has since become well-traveled, spending much of his time in Washington, D.C. in leadership and advisory positions in the federal government, national nonprofit organizations, and private consulting. Coming to Au Sable as Founder and President of Capitol Youth Strategies, Jon has served as a Development Consultant to national youth organizations such as YMCA, Committee for Children, and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). Prior to his leadership at Capitol Youth Strategies, Jon was YMCA’s Director of Federal Government Relations and previously served as Policy Advisor for one of Michigan’s congressional representatives, Congressman Fred Upton.  In the course of his work, Jon has played leading roles in raising millions of dollars from both government and the private sector for his employers and clients. With his extensive experience in fundraising, marketing, communications, and government relations, Jon also brings a personal commitment to Au Sable’s mission. A graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Jon received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a minor in environmental studies, studies which included two sessions at Au Sable’s Great Lakes Campus (where he will now have an office!). He will be attending the Au Sable Alumni and Friends Reunion this August and officially begin his duties at the Institute beginning in October. Regarding his time at Au Sable and his feelings about joining the Au Sable staff in this critical new role, Jon remarked “I am excited and honored to be chosen for the position. The Au Sable Institute has played an instrumental role in my life and I firmly believe that it plays a unique and important role in furthering God’s kingdom on earth. I am committed to making the Institute an enduring and great organization and nurturing a vibrant community of alumni and friends.”

The creation of the position of Director of Community Development and Alumni Relations is part of an overall reorganization of the Au Sable’s staff to redefine organizational roles in ways that will speak more directly to Au Sable’s mission. As part of this effort, Executive Director Dr. Fred Van Dyke noted, “Building the Au Sable community has been a neglected effort in our ministry, yet it is this community that is dispersed across the country, the continent, and the world in the work of creation care. We have begun a number of initiatives in the last several years to strengthen and support that community, including the development of the Au Sable Professional Network, creating the Alumni and Friends Reunion, and strengthening links to employment in creation care through the Au Sable LinkedIn Page, home to the Au Sable Jobs Board. But, with the addition of Jon Terry, we have added a person of skill, experience, and influence who will be devoted full time to the development of this community and its ties to the Institute, a critical component if Au Sable is going to continue its work for future generations.”

Welcome, Jon, to your new mission at Au Sable! It’s a great day in the life of the Institute!