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Founder Harold Snyder Honored with New Student Fellowship Established by Former Students and Friends

Dec 18, 2013

Au Sable Institute is proud to honor the lifelong legacy of Dr. Harold Snyder by creating and endowing the Harold Snyder Fellowship for future students. Dr. Snyder’s vision of teaching “God’s word in God’s world” became reality through the Au Sable Trails Science Camp for Boys in 1958 and laid the foundation for the Institute today. 

This endowed fellowship was initiated through the generosity of two of Dr. Snyder’s earliest students, Dr. Garrett Crow and Dr. Norm Andresen, who were mentored by Snyder in the early years of the Science Camp and by his inspiration and guidance both took up long, successful professional careers in the field of botany. It is their appreciation for his inspiration and guidance in their lives and their desire to see Dr. Snyder’s vision carry on through future Institute students that motivated the establishment of the endowed fellowship in his name. In addition to Crow and Andresen, many friends who worked alongside Snyder all these years contributed to make this endowed fellowship possible.

The Harold Snyder Fellowship seeks to inspire future leaders in the mold of Dr. Snyder, supporting one student each year who shows promise in developing the passion, vision and skill to do and teach science to others as an expression of Christian faith and as a commitment to serve and protect God's earth. Each year, one student will receive $2,500 towards two summer courses at the Institute, with special encouragement for taking Field Botany, Aquatic Biology, or Lake Ecology and Management, three courses close to Dr. Snyder’s own field of interest.

This fellowship comes at an appropriate marking point in the Institute’s history. Fifty years ago, Dr. Snyder laid the groundwork for the influential and distinctive environmental education Au Sable Institute would come to be known for throughout North America. In 1963, he brought his first group of Taylor University students for college-level field studies at Au Sable. Today the Institute offers 24 college courses at four campuses worldwide, providing education in advanced study of conservation and environmental science to 58 Christian colleges throughout North America. Faculty members include internationally known scientists widely respected in their field who are fervent disciples of Jesus Christ, and alumni number over 4,000 Christian college students, many of whom are caring for God’s earth around the world. In addition, the Snyder's Science Camp has grown to become the Au Sable Environmental Education Program for local K-8 school children, which has instructed more than 120,000 students from 19 counties in northern lower Michigan and trained over 250 interns in environmental education pedagogy and instruction.

All of these things and more flow from the vision of Harold Snyder. The Institute hopes this fellowship will help his vision for Christian environmental education flow to the next generation.

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