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Dr. Dorothy Boorse Joins Au Sable Board

Jul 16, 2013

Dr. Dorothy Boorse, Professor of Biology at Gordon College, will join the Au Sable board as its newest member.

Boorse has been involved with Au Sable since 1985, when she attended as a student, taking classes in ornithology, land use practicum, and insect biology (her humorous additions to the insect collection remain a part of Au Sable lore). In Spring of 1987, she served as an Au Sable environmental education intern, a job that remained her favorite job of all time until her current one.  During her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she was an Au Sable graduate fellow. She has been the Au Sable representative from Gordon College since she became a faculty member there in 1999 and has regularly contributed at the Au Sable Academic Council meetings.

Boorse's expertise is in aquatic ecology. She received a BS in Biology from Gordon College, MS in Entomology from Cornell University, and PhD in Oceanography and Limnology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she was a student of Cal DeWitt. Her research with students focuses on vernal pools, invasive species, and ecological restoration. Much of her scholarly activity, however, is focused on explaining environmental science to non-experts and to students, exploring the relationship between science and faith, especially care of the natural world. She was lead author on Loving the Least of These, a report on poverty and climate change put out by the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), and is a co-author on the textbook Environmental Science, (ed 11 and 12) by Wright and Boorse. Both of these reflect her drive to communicate about the natural world for both secular audiences and faith communities.

Boorse loves to teach, viewing each student as representing Christ and teaching as a way to serve God. She counts teaching about the natural world a double joy, because it not only serves others, but involves the study of the most wonderful world around us: the artwork of God. She also cares about increasing the success of women and minorities in the sciences. 

Boorse was raised in Pennsylvania and strongly influenced by the Mennonite tradition to care for both the creation and for those in poverty. She currently lives in Beverly, Massachusetts with her family where she is active in her local church and in a prayer group. She blogs sporadically at