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Au Sable Supports New Ecology Emphasis at Azusa Pacific University

Jun 21, 2013

Azusa Pacific University’s (APU) is beginning a new Ecology emphasis within their Biology program, and Au Sable Institute courses are helping to make it both an enticing new program of study and a world class education.

Au Sable courses are considered part of the science curriculum at the sixty-four colleges that participate with the Institute each year. This seamless integration makes it possible for schools to build new majors, minors, and science tracks using Au Sable courses. Integrating Au Sable courses has allowed APU to strengthen its Ecology emphasis for Biology majors.

The opportunities that arise from the APU’s connection with Au Sable has been good for Kelsey Rodin, one of the fifteen students who have enrolled in APU's Ecology emphasis in the one semester that it has been available.

Says Rodin, “I’m absolutely loving the [new ecology emphasis], and I can't wait for Au Sable. I hope to develop an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a servant leader over creation and how to live with it in a way that glorifies God. I’m looking forward to being provided the tools to be more effective as a Christian in the field of ecology as well as more effective at protecting God's creation.”

Rodin will be taking the ‘International Development and Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘Environmental Health’ courses during Summer Session II this summer, two of the 24 Au Sable courses open to APU students, making it possible for them to tailor their studies in ecology to aquatics, wildlife, conservation, natural resource stewardship, and much more.

Adding Au Sable’s courses to APU’s current ecology curriculum gives students access to a course of study on par with major public research universities throughout the Los Angeles area (see course listing below), but with a critical difference. APU students learn through studies at their home college and at the Institute about who is behind the vast and wonderful natural world they have the good fortune of exploring and studying and about God’s deep love for creation and our calling to care for it in ways that serve and protect it. The Christian faith informs illuminates our work as scientists and caretakers of creation.

Says Scott Kinnes, Professor of Biology and Au Sable faculty representative at APU, “As with all our programs we want to produce students with solid scientific backgrounds who can compete at the highest academic and professional levels but who have a distinctly Christian worldview that includes training in integrating their discipline with their faith.”

APU Biology students in the Ecology emphasis requires students to take 11 credits of upper division Biology electives, including four from a field program.

Adds Kinnes, “While we are open to other such programs, Au Sable is, of course, the one we direct them to, and [we have] a record 9 students [attending Au Sable] this summer.”

APU-Au Sable Course Connection

Azusa Pacific University – Ecology Emphasis course options in partnership with Au Sable (Au Sable courses in bold):

BIOL 320: Ecology
BIOL 336: Vertebrate Biology
BIOL 340: Invertebrate Biology
BIOL 350: Mammalian Physiology
BIOL 365: Plant Biology
BIOL 435: Stewardship Ecology
BIOL 495: Advanced Topics in Biology

BIOL/GEOL/GEOG 301: Land Resources
BIOL 302: Limnology (Water Resources)
BIOL/AGRIC/GEOG 303: Ecological Agriculture
BIOL/GEOG 304: International Development and Environmental Stewardship
BIOL 305: Field Ecology of Birds
BIOL 311: Field Botany
BIOL 318: Marine Biology
BIOL 321: Animal Ecology
BIOL 322: Aquatic Biology
CHEM 332: Environmental Chemistry
BIOL/AGRIC/GEOG 343: Tropical Agriculture and Missions
BIOL 345: Wildlife Ecology
BIOL/GEOG 355: Watershed Stewardship
BIOL 359: Marine Mammals
BIOL 360: Molecular Tools for the Field Biologist
BIOL 361: Field Biology in Spring
BIOL 427: Ecology of the Indian Tropics
BIOL 452: Environmental Health
BIOL/GEOG 471: Conservation Biology
BIOL 478: Alpine Ecology
BIOL 482: Restoration Ecology