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Au Sable Offers New Course in Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Oct 17, 2012

During Summer Session II 2013, Au Sable will offer a new course in the theory and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing. The new course will introduce students to the hardware and software technology of GIS programs and their most common applications in investigating and solving problems of spatial analysis in the biological, geological, and social sciences. 

Says Dr. Rob Keys, Associate Professor of Science at Cornerstone University, “In almost all environmental careers, GIS is a tool that is just as important as being able to use Microsoft Word. Students will find this course allows them to not only learn the tools, but to make realistic application of their use in settings they will find in their careers.”

The new GIS course will combine technical knowledge in GIS with applied, service-learning projects.  Students will learn skills needed for spatial data collection, storage, processing, and interpretation, along with the ability to combine GIS with remote sensing technology. This information will be learned within the context of a real-world environmental issue, allowing students to learn GIS and remote sensing technology through hands-on projects.  As in every Au Sable course, students will learn how GIS can be employed to aid efforts in identifying, protecting, and restoring natural resources in God’s creation, and the applications of biblical principles of Christian environmental stewardship.

The course will allow students to build interdisciplinary skills in environmental mapping and modeling as well as gain GIS project experience for future professional or academic careers.  

Says Au Sable’s Associate Director and Registrar Dave Mahan, “GIS continues Au Sable’s tradition of preparing Christian college students with skills and experience to serve God’s earth and its people.  GIS is one of the most important and powerful tools students can learn for future careers in environmental stewardship.  It is a gateway to opportunities.”

The Institute is currently engaged in a review of candidates interested in teaching this new course offering. The application period is open until December 14. Interested applicants can review the qualifications and application procedure for this position at the Institute’s website at