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Au Sable Institute 2011 Annual Report

Jun 08, 2012

With the 2012 academic year upon us, we are taking an opportunity to look back on the accomplishments of 2011. The Au Sable Institute 2011 Annual Report (click on link to view the report) highlights the various ways in which the Institute continues to be a leader in training the next generation to care for God's Earth.  

"Au Sable has much to be thankful for in 2011," says Au Sable Executive Director, Fred Van Dyke, "We saw a 12% enrollment increase over 2010. We saw continued growth of the Au Sable Graduate Fellows Program, helping Au Sable alumni in graduate programs of state universities develop deeper understanding, integration and application of their Christian faith in their studies of environmental science and conservation. And we are experiencing continued expansion of our undergraduate research program. In particular, our ongoing work on the effects of dam removal on the Boardman River is gaining increasing interest and will, I believe, be of great value to the scientific and conservation community in Michigan and beyond ."

The following are a number of highlights from 2011:

  • Au Sable had 106 students from 28 colleges participate in our 22 courses, including 20 from our seven Partner Colleges.
  • The environmental education program trained six interns and taught 1,534 students from 19 school districts.
  • Twenty-two Graduate Fellows from five chapters attended our annual winter conference, led by Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger.
  • Twenty-one groups visited the Au Sable Great Lakes campus for a Winter Retreat.

Adds Van Dyke, "We may have even more to be thankful for in 2012, with current enrollments running 25% ahead of last year (201 to 162)."