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2011 Summer Community Programs at Au Sable Institute

Jul 06, 2011

Looking for something to do during this summer?  Join us for a host of free outdoor programs almost every Thursday night at 7 PM in July.  Our programs will culminate in our semi-annual butterfly day on Saturday, July 30th.  All programs are family friendly and will take place outside on Au Sable’s grounds.  Cost of attendance is free, but donations are welcome to support Au Sable’s on-going Environmental Education program for school-age youth throughout the Grand Traverse Bay region.

Au Sable is located at 7526 Sunset Trail NE, Mancelona, MI 49659.  Click here to view our printable map or view an online map to our campus.

July, 7th, 7pm- Owls!  (All Ages)

Owls are one of the first creatures that we become familiar with as children.  With their conspicuous eyes, spooky calls, and nocturnal nature they have a reputation of mysteriousness that children love.  Sadly, during childhood is when many of us stop learning about these amazing creatures.  Join us for a refresher on what makes owls so great and remind yourself what is like to be a kid again.  READ OUR REVIEW OF OWL NIGHT!

July, 14th, 7pm - Reading the Landscape (All Ages)

Often as we stroll through the woods we are delighted by the call of a familiar bird or the bloom of a particular flower and rightly so.  However, these occurrences are only a small part of the story being told all around you.  As we learn to read the landscape we take into consideration the history of the land and the events that have lead to the current state of our surroundings.  Come and find out how to read Au Sable’s landscape, as we put together the pieces of the past and watch our understanding of the present unfold. READ OUR REVIEW OF READING THE LANDSCAPE!

July, 21st, 7pm - A History of Sportsmen and Conservation (Adults)

Northern Michigan’s rolling forests and vast amounts of water make it a great place to be a sportsman.  Yet there was a time when our nations land and water were being altered to the extent that it threatened the livelihood of our wildlife and wild places.  In what would emerge as the beginning of the conservation movement, sportsmen stepped forward to protect the resources they loved so that future generations might also be able to experience a wild America.  Join us for a discussion of sportsmen and the conservation movement and stay to tell a few stories afterward.

July, 30th (Saturday), 1-3pm – Butterfly Day!  (All Ages)

It’s back!  Au Sable’s semi-annual butterfly day is here again.  Join us for an afternoon celebration of native plants, gardens, and butterflies.  Tour our butterfly house, be led on a butterfly hunt through our trails, and pick up some native plant ideas for the home.  There’s sure to be something for everyone!


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