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Overcoming Doubt - By Jared Hinken

Posted by Paul Wiemerslage | Feb 18, 2015

Scared, anxious, terrified, petrified, excited and uncomfortable are all words that describe the way I was feeling driving up to Au Sable to start this environmental education internship. Typically when I’m asked to do anything with kids I tend to take a pass because I’m not quite sure how to interact with them. It sounds silly but when I look down at these tiny humans we call children my mind goes blank and all I can think to do is to just start speaking gibberish. Once training started I was feeling fairly comfortable with my situation, mainly because I wasn’t thinking about the kids who would be coming in just under a week.  However, as the first day of teaching grew closer my anxiety started to soar and I was filled with doubt. I was constantly thinking that I made a mistake and wasn’t the right type of person to do this internship, but I kept praying that God would give me the strength to make it through and that I wouldn’t be a complete failure. The night before the kids arrived I didn’t get much sleep and couldn’t look at my notes enough.

I’ll never forget that first day. The kids arrived and I had to push all my worries to the side and focus on what I had to do. The kids in my group were all really excited to be here and weren’t shy at all like I feared. Before I could even get my name out to the group they were wrapped around my legs thinking I was a tree to climb. My fears and anxieties subsided and I quickly realized just how lame my trepidation leading up to that first day was.

Now, three weeks into the internship I can say that everything has been great so far.  I’ve learned that teaching can be a lot of fun, both for the students and the instructor.  I am also happy to report that I am sleeping like a baby.