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Featured Faculty: Matt Ingle, Animal Ecology

Posted by lindsaybarden | Jan 23, 2018

Dr. Matt Ingle is known by his students for his warm approachable teaching style at Au Sable. Associate professor and Assistant Chair of Biology at The Master’s University, Matt has been teaching Animal Ecology at Au Sable’s Great Lakes Campus during Summer Session I since 2016.

For his Ph.D. studies, Matt explored the relationship between raccoon ecology and parasitism from raccoon roundworm at Loma Linda University. His research provided models for predicting where disease is most prevalent, and how parasites are transmitted. In his professional career, Dr. Ingle’s research has been published in International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, and the conference proceedings of the American Society of Mammalogists and the American Society of Parasitologists. Matt has served on the faculty at Cedarville University, Biola University, and now in at The Master’s University, he teaches courses in molecular biology and ecology.

Learning from Dr. Ingle, students have the opportunity to study the interrelationships between animals and their biotic and physical environments, emphasizing animal population dynamics in old growth pine forests and bogs. This field-intensive course centers on the ecology of northern Michigan fauna from a stewardship perspective. “Ecology is a great subject for integrating multiple areas of biology,” explained Matt. “Of all the areas of ecology, animal ecology, in particular, is the most tangible to students. It takes organisms that students are familiar with, and uses them to illustrate important ecological principles.”

“It was really important for me to be able to converse with Matt on my level,” shared one of his Dr. Ingle’s Au Sable students, “and he did an excellent job of that. He explained concepts in ways that a student without a Ph.D. would understand. I also really enjoyed all the small research projects we did. I'd never had hands-on experience in laying transect and collecting data before Au Sable.”

One of Dr. Ingle’s most memorable experiences while teaching Animal Ecology was when a porcupine squeezed its way into a medium size rodent live trap. “It took us half an hour to help the little guy out of the trap so that he could scurry up the nearest tree!” Matt explained.

Dr. Matt Ingle calls California home and lives in the Mojave Desert of California with his wife Jordie, three kids, Reagan age six, Liam age 4, and Madison age 2. When he isn’t working, Matt and his family enjoy spending time in the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, and playing sports.