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Featured Faculty: David Hoekman, Insect Ecology of Streams, Forests, and Fields

Posted by lindsaybarden in College Program in Faculty | Dec 23, 2015

A background steeped in extensive experience as a speaker, teacher, mentor and professional in the world of insect ecology, is what Dr. David Hoekman, brings to Au Sable as the faculty member teaching Insect Ecology of Streams, Forests, and Fields, which began in 2016. David’s pursuit of ecology began with a B.S. from Wheaton College where he studied Biology and Archaeology. He later gained his Ph.D. in Ecology from Notre Dame in 2008 while also working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Now working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Southern Nazarene University teaching a wide range of field-based courses in ecology, Au Sable is excited to have Dr. Hoekman on the faculty during May Session to teach Insect Ecology of Streams, Forests, and Fields.

Having a passionate interest in insects and their role in the ecosystems around us, David says, “I'm an ecologist who has used several different insect systems in the course of my research.  Insects are very important for the functioning of virtually every ecosystem and food web on earth.  They are also absolutely beautiful, once you learn even a little bit about insects, they are a wonderful way to learn about the systems in which they interact.  They are a window into the world of biology.”

Dr. David Hoekman lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and 3 sons. In their free time, Dr. Hoekman’s family enjoys spending time in the outdoors together through biking, swimming, hiking, and camping.

Sure to be a fascinating and challenging course this coming summer, Insect Ecology of Streams, Forests and Fields will explore the life history, behavior, and ecology of terrestrial and aquatic insects. Students will gain skills in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and benefit from the wealth of field experience and knowledge David shares in his course. To begin the process to sign up for Dr. Hoekman's field course this summer at Au Sable's Great Lakes Campus during May Session click here!