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Faces of Service: Jessi Kramer M.S., Environmental Education Program Assistant

Posted by lindsaybarden | Apr 19, 2017

Faces of Service: Jessi Kramer M.S., Environmental Education Program Assistant from Au Sable Institute on Vimeo.


Since September 2016, Jessi Kramer has been serving as the Environmental Education Program Assistant at Au Sable. Her affiliation with Au Sable began in the spring of 2016 when she came to the Great Lakes Campus in Michigan to take part in the Environmental Education Internship Program. After the spring of her first internship, Jessi stayed on staff at the Institute as a cook for the summer college program, then in the fall returned to the Environmental Education program, this time as the Program Assistant.

Jessi exudes a quiet confidence and well-spoken eloquence in her teaching and writing. “Talking with Jessi, it becomes apparent rather quickly that she is a caring and compassionate soul, there is a sincerity in the way she approaches people which makes her an extremely effective teacher,“ explained Paul Wiemerslage, Au Sable’s Environmental Education Program Coordinator. “We feel blessed to have Jessi on staff. I’ve appreciated her assistance so much already, from collaborating on new curriculum to her help working with interns. There are a lot of exciting things going on right now with the program and it is great to have her help.”

Studying at Spring Arbor University in Michigan for her undergrad, Jessi earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, then attended Taylor University in Indiana where she received a Master’s in Environmental Science. After finishing her schooling Jessi worked at a number of farms where she could invest in her love of plants and God's earth. At the recommendation of Dr. Chris Newhouse, one of her professors and mentors from Spring Arbor University, Jessi came to Au Sable where she could not only work in the field of creation care but also engage with and teach people about the natural world, something that was missing in her farm work.

Outside of work, Jessi loves fireside reading, dogs, and bike riding and can be found perfecting her homemade mozzarella recipe, enjoying toast with lots of butter and foraging for wild edibles such as Chaga, in her down time.