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Faces of Service: Eric Bond, Director of Support Services

Posted by lindsaybarden | May 09, 2016


FOS_EricBond from Au Sable Institute on Vimeo.


Eric Bond, the Director of Support Services at Au Sable oversees buildings, grounds, and logistics to ensure good, sustainable operations for all programs. Also directing the retreat program, Eric has a long history with the Institute. Beginning as a student in 2003 (Eric's student photo to the left), Eric enrolled at Au Sable to complete field courses for his Environmental Biology degree at Cornerstone University. During January term he attended the Winter Stream Ecology course with Dave Mahan and from that first touch with Au Sable, he knew he loved this place and that he would be back.

Later that summer, Eric returned and completed Limnology and Environmental Chemistry courses and being determined to continue his time at Au Sable, Eric worked as Dave Mahan’s Teaching Assistant for Winter Stream Ecology the following year. From there he signed up for the Environmental Education Internship Program and proving his dedication to the work of Au Sable, Eric participated in this program for a year and a half, completing 5 internship sessions and working maintenance for Bob Barr (former Director of Support Services) between internships. During this time, Eric solidified his interest in educating kids about the environment in an outdoor setting, and also realized his skill and enjoyment in working with his hands.

For the next five years Eric worked full time maintenance with Bob Barr, including one summer at the Pacific Rim Campus on Washington’s Whidbey Island.

Departing from Au Sable in 2010 to pursue a new avenue of his environmental education interests, Eric began working for Camptown in Indiana as Program Director where he led urban youth on outdoor adventure trips. Four years later, feeling the call back to Au Sable, when Bob Barr retired, it was the perfect time for Eric and his family to once again return to Au Sable where he took over Bob’s position as Director of Support Services.

Eric has been back at Au Sable now for just over two years and lives close to Au Sable’s Great Lakes Campus with his wife Celeste and their two kids. As a family, they enjoy spending their free time exploring and appreciating the outdoors together.

Eric’s life and the path he has chosen has been indelibly marked by his experiences at Au Sable. A lasting connection to the place and community of Au Sable is a story not uncommon amongst Au Sable alumni and friends, once Au Sable makes its impression on you, it lasts a life time!