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Faces of Leadership: Dr. Dorothy Boorse, Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees

Posted by lindsaybarden | Nov 18, 2016

Dr. Dorothy Boorse has  been a member of Au Sable's Board of Trustees for four years now, this year the first as Vice-Chair. Currently a Professor of Biology at Gordon College in Massachusetts, Dorothy loves to teach, viewing each student as representing Christ and teaching as a way to serve God.

A classic Au Sable story, Dr. Boorse began her affiliation with Au Sable as a college student while working towards a B.S. in Biology at Gordon. She studied ornithology, land use practicum, and insect biology at Au Sable before going on to work as an intern in the Environmental Education program. Her Au Sable internship remained her favorite job for years, seeing kids be enthralled by watching a robin, learning about logging, or adventures at the beaver pond were all highlights for Dorothy.

Earning an M.S. in entomology from Cornell University, then a Ph.D. in Oceanography and Limnology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dorothy participated in the Au Sable Graduate Fellows program during these years of study. And through this, first met Dr. Dave Foster, current Chair of the Au Sable Board.

Dr. Boorse is passionate about increasing the success of women and minorities in the sciences and focuses her scholarly work on explaining environmental science to non-experts and to students exploring the relationship between science and faith. Dorothy is the lead author of Loving the Least of These, a report on poverty and climate change put out by the National Association of Evangelicals, and co-author of the textbook Environmental Science (ed. 11, 12, & 13) by Wright and Boorse.

Raised in Pennsylvania, Dorothy's upbringing was heavily influenced by the Mennonite tradition and its value of caring for creation, and people in poverty. These values can be seen in the work that Dorothy does, and in her love for people, the natural world, and how the two interact.

"The work of Au Sable, and my role with the Institute are important because I hope for better things for the next generation. Au Sable has been an important part of the lives of so many in creation care, and I hope it will be for many more. I hope that we can continue to take care not only of the places our courses are taught but of the whole world," shares Dr. Boorse.

Dorothy lives in Beverly, MA with her husband, two sons, and young poodle. She enjoys tending her native plant garden, participating in her local CSA, and being involved in her local church and prayer group. Fall leaves are one of Dorothy's favorite things.