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Courses That Change Your Life: Environmental Law and Policy (ENVR 310)

Posted by lindsaybarden | Nov 11, 2015

As the environmental field becomes increasingly diversified and continues to grow, so then must our skills and knowledge. A multi-disciplinary approach to conservation and caring for God's world has never been more necessary. Law and policy are the structures which undergird and inform most environmental work today, and so, it is important to understand the world of law and policy on both national and international levels in order to be effective in the environmental sector. In Au Sable’s Environmental Law and Policy (ENVR 310) course, students will learn about the policy making process, explore current environmental challenges in policy, and gain experience interacting with regional policy-makers.

Instructed by Rachel Lamb, M.S., M.P.P, who carries out advocacy work in D.C. and served as the National Organizer and Spokesperson for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, Au Sable’s Environmental Law and Policy course benefits greatly from her expertise. Having worked in both tribal and state government settings and with environmental organizations in both the States and abroad, concepts in the classroom will be well supported by her experience. “The environmental law and policy course highlights the vital points of connection between good public policy and the scientific study that informs it. By studying the stages of the policy process, students will be able to recognize the roles of ethics, science and analytical tools such as economics, and how their own vocations can positively contribute towards addressing significant environmental policy challenges,” says Rachel.

By studying law and policy through the lenses of faith and science, students will gain a more holistic perspective in other environmental disciplines. All other courses taught at Au Sable inform and are informed by policy, making this May term course a fitting complement to any of the Summer Session courses offered by Au Sable. A good foundational course for both American and Canadian students alike, themes and details of environmental policy common to Canada and the United States will be explored.

Coming out of this class able to thoughtfully consider the role Christians play in transforming environmental policies as well as being able to navigate both the scientific and humanities-based worlds of environmental stewardship will give students a valuable advantage and is what makes this a course that can change your life!