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Courses That Change Your Life: Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 332)

Posted by lindsaybarden | Jan 05, 2017

To fully understand the many pressing environmental issues of our day, it is necessary that students study the environment and its influences from every angle. The natural world and the problems it faces can be analyzed and better understood from a chemical level. Environmental Chemistry, taught at the Au Sable Institute during Summer Session II builds on a foundation of general chemistry to provide students with an understanding of the principles, analysis and impact of chemical movement and distribution in natural environments.

Students will learn and work both in the field and in the lab about natural and human-induced chemicals and how they interact with the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Opportunities for field trips during the course include Big Twin Lake, a local gas treatment facility, Traverse City water treatment plants and Tar Lake.

Environmental Chemistry is taught by Dr. Scott Carr, professor of Chemistry at Anderson University in Indiana. In Scott, students find a rare combination of expert teaching skill, personal concern for every student and depth of scientific expertise. As one student has commented, “[Scott is] by far the best professor relationally that I have ever had. He had a huge impact on my life.” A widely published expert on ionization chemistry, chemistry of gasses, and chemical instrumentation, Scott is able to engage students in such a way that a complex topic of study can be understood and students feel equipped well for further studies and employment in the environmental field. A student from the 2015 Environmental Chemistry course found that, “Environmental Chemistry had a lot of environmental applications that will be practical in the future.”

A true hands-on technical course, Environmental Chemistry is a good option for students studying Environmental Science, Biology, and Chemistry among other majors. Dr. Scott Carr will teach sampling and analytical methods for water soil and air in this intensive field course and provide students with skills that matter (in academics, and to employers).

Take Environmental Chemistry at the Au Sable Institute, and live among the pines of Northern Lower Michigan while gaining valuable skills and knowledge to advance your education and future career.

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