K-12 Programs

Second Grade


Discover what makes birds one of the most fascinating creature groups on earth. Students learn the importance of special adaptations like beaks, feathers, and hollow bones and how to differentiate common birds by shape, color, and call. Games, puzzles, and hikes guide this exploration.

Michigan Science Standards: 1ST - LS1-1, LS1-2, LS1-3; 2nd  - LS2-2, LS4-1

Offered: Spring



Students discover the world of insects by exploring the Au Sable pond, meadow, and forest to find insects and draw connections between each type of habitat and the unique community of insects found there. As the students examine insects, they will learn what unique characteristics make insects a special group in the animal world.

Michigan Science Standards: 1ST - LS1-1, LS1-2, LS1-3; 2nd - LS2-2, LS4-1

Offered: Fall



Discover the wonder found in the plant world. Students engage in activities such as role-playing games about photosynthesis, pollinating flowers, and creating leaf rubbings of northern Michigan’s dominant tree species. This study offers plenty of opportunities to be amazed by the micro- and macroscopic workings of plants.

Michigan Science Standards: 2nd - LS2-2, LS4-1; 3rd – LS1-1, LS3-2, LS4-2

Offered: Fall



Mammals are a fun group of animals to study not only for their charismatic qualities but also because students learn that they belong to this unique group as well! Students spend the day investigating what makes a mammal a mammal and later hike Au Sable’s trails in search of these furry critters and the clues they leave behind.

Michigan Science Standards: 1ST - LS1-1, LS1-2, LS1-3; 2nd - LS2-2, LS4-1

Offered: Winter, Spring