K-12 Programs

Fourth Grade

Wetland Study

Students undertake an exploration of the processes involved in the water cycle using games, songs, simulations, and models. Students will learn that we all live in a watershed and human actions can have wide-ranging positive and negative effects. During the afternoon students collect organisms from Louie's pond to sample the diversity of life hidden within its waters.

Michigan Science Standards: 2nd - LS4-1, ESS2-1, ESS2-2, ESS2-3; 4th – ESS2-1, ESS3-2 

Offered: Fall, Spring


Wildlife Study

Wildlife Study introduces students to beginning ecology lessons by leading them through a variety of habitats to conduct a wildlife census. The data the students gather are used to highlight how energy flows through an ecosystem and create food chains, food webs, food pyramids, and carrying capacities. Students learn through their census, games, and simulations that all wildlife need unpolluted food, clean water, clean air, shelter, and space.

Michigan Science Standards: 3rd – LS1-1, LS3-2, LS4-2; 4th – LS1-1, LS1-2

Offered: Winter