K-12 Programs

Fifth Grade

Michigan Wetlands

Demonstrations, models, and games help students understand how watersheds function and how human actions can impact water quality.  Later, students compare and contrast several wetland types on Au Sable’s property using a simple habitat assessment that includes chemical tests and biotic sampling. 

Michigan Science Standards: 5th – ESS2 – 1MI, ESS2-2MI, ESS3-1; Middle School -  LS4-4, ESS2-4, 

Offered: Fall


Outdoor Exploration

Develop the skills necessary to safely explore our northern environment with this outdoor adventure that combines science and survival skills into one amazing program. Students learn the basics of orienteering and compass work, explore the science behind weather to make simple forecasts, and discover the physics behind good fire building as they work to create small survival fires. Try this unit during the winter months for added excitement with snowshoes and snow!

Michigan Science Standards: Middle School - ESS2-5MI

Offered: Winter