K-12 Programs

All of Au Sable’s K-12 educational programing is available to interested homeschool students and groups.  Simply contact Paul Wiemerslage, Au Sable’s environmental education coordinator, by phone or email (231-587-8686 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) to inquire.  Au Sable also hosts designated homeschool events during the fall and winter.  Details and registration information regarding designated homeschool days will be posted on this page prior to fall and winter events.  You may also sign up to receive announcements about special homeschool opportunities by emailing us.

Do you have a specific topic or outdoor skill that you would like us to help you address?  If so, contact us and we will design a program to fit your needs.


February 2nd, 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Mammal Study (6 - 8 years old) - Mammals are a fun group of animals to study not only for their charismatic qualities, but also because students learn that they belong to this unique group as well! Students spend the day investigating what makes a mammal a mammal, and later hike Au Sable’s trails in search of these furry critters and the clues they leave behind.

Wildlife Study (9 - 11 years old) - Wildlife Study introduces students to beginning ecology lessons by leading them through a variety of habitats to conduct a wildlife census. The data the students gather are used to highlight how energy flows through an ecosystem and create food chains, food webs, food pyramids, and carrying capacities. Students learn through the census, games, and simulations that all wildlife need unpolluted food, clean water, clean air, shelter, and space.

Water Quality Study (12 - 18 years old) - Students learn about water quality by comparing local Big Twin Lake with Au Sable’s Louie’s Pond. Students take water samples and temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen readings from both water bodies. Using microscopes, we compare the organisms found in the lake and pond. Through these tests, students determine the trophic level of both bodies of water and learn about factors affecting water quality in northern Michigan.

Registration Information

Space is limited. Sign up now to ensure your spot! Cost is $10 per student and provides 4 hours of instruction.  To schedule your child or homeschool group, please download the registration form or contact Paul Wiemerslage directly by phone (231-587-8686) or email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).