Lessons of a Life Transformed:

Many students have benefited from generous gifts given to our student scholarship fund. For many students, receiving a scholarship makes it possible for them to take a specialized course in their field of interest at Au Sable. The following is testimony to the ways scholarship gifts have opened new learning opportunities and experiences for our students:

Tori Yoder, 2011 DeWitt Leadership Scholarship recipient, shares her story:

“Attending Au Sable has been a life giving and molding influence on my college experience. Two summers ago I attended the Pacific Rim site, not sure that environmental science was the right major for me. I was fresh out of my first year of college and searching for something to integrate my inclination towards romping around in the woods and my interest in peace and justice issues, religion, and faith. That summer God spoke gently through my classes, professors, and fellow students, assuring me that environmental science was an important part of God’s plan for me.

“This summer the Great Lakes site has continued to nurture my passions. The Field Botany and Restoration Ecology courses have captivated my interest, my imagination, and again expanded my vision of how God may use me. One of my favorite memories is with the Restoration Ecology class. We restored a sand hill full of invasive plants to a native short grass prairie for our class project. I loved the mornings spent collecting grass seed, digging transplants, enjoying the company of my classmates, and envisioning what the area will look like twenty years from now.

“While it will be difficult to leave the natural beauty of Au Sable’s white pines with the wind chiming call of the wood thrush, I am excited to return home and apply what I have learned to Goshen College’s environmental club and to the water monitoring project I am working on with the local parks department. I thank God for the role Au Sable has played in my life the past three years and hope it will continue to do so for many more students.”

Tori Yoder, Goshen, IN, is a senior at Goshen College and the 2010 recipient of the Calvin B. DeWitt Leadership Fellowship Scholarship.