Lessons of a Life Transformed:

Many students have benefited from generous gifts given to our student scholarship/fellowship fund. For many students, receiving a fellowship makes it possible for them to take a specialized course in their field of interest at Au Sable. The following is a testimony to the ways fellowship gifts have opened new learning opportunities and experiences for our students:

Lindsay Mouw, 2017 DeWitt Leadership Fellowship recipient, shares her story:

"Au Sable was the perfect capstone to the end of my college career. College was a transformational journey for me, as it is for many. I entered college as a pre-med student, but I had a nagging feeling that this wasn’t for me; I felt I was still searching for my passion in life. This changed when I studied abroad with Creation Care Study Program in New Zealand. During this semester the Holy Spirit was avidly working in my heart. The scales fell from my eyes and my mind was renewed and my life was transformed as I realized that creation care is an important part of my obedience to Christ. After returning home, I became very involved in creation care on Dordt’s campus and in my community, and I began studying environmental science. My time on campus after New Zealand seemed like a whirlwind, so I am grateful for the opportunity I had to study at Au Sable just after graduation to tie together everything I had learned, to offer as a time of reflection, and ground me again in why this work is so important.

Au Sable challenged me to continue to think deeply about the human vocation and my specific purpose within it. This is exactly what I needed at this time. While at Au Sable God was pushing me out of my comfort zone and using me in unique (and intimidating) ways to share His message of creation care. I am so thankful that I was at Au Sable during this time because I received support and encouragement from the faculty, staff, and fellow classmates that gave me the courage and reassurance to be bold in my work. Au Sable also provided me the opportunity to connect with many professionals who are working in various areas of the environmental field. The connections I made and the advice and assistance I received from them is invaluable. Lastly, Au Sable provided the opportunity to live close to nature for 5 weeks, to soak in the beauty of His creation, and learn more about the One who created it all.

Ultimately, Au Sable reminded me that I am certainly not alone in my hope for a restored earth. We are working on this together and we will always be connected as a community of restoration bringers. I hope Au Sable continues to grow this community and remains a light in our fallen world."