Watersheds in Global Development (Biol/Geog 355)

Great Lakes Campus - Summer Session II

Course Description

Principles of watershed ecology. Includes principles and practice of community-based water monitoring and watershed management for developing and developed countries and data access and analysis using an online relational database and data-to-action strategies. Designed for students in science and public policy, including students interested in missions and development and agencies involved in environmental assessment and community development. Field, Applied, Interdisciplinary.

Professor: Dr. Bill Deutsch
Meets: Wednesday & Friday

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Knowledge Gained

Students will learn how a watershed functions ecologically, culturally, and socio-politically. This will include cross-cultural views of watersheds and a model of stewardship that has been developed after years of watershed-related projects in several countries. Watershed stewardship will be integrated into local-to-global cases of community development.

Skills Developed

  • Water Quality Monitoring Techniques & Data Analysis
  • How to Form Community-Based Water Monitoring Groups
  • Four Certifications of Community-Based Water Monitoring from Global Water Watch
  • Certification in Watershed Science from the Watershed Academy - US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Field Experiences

- Rapid River Watershed intensive:

  • Field Measurements of Discharge
  • Discharge Measurements
  • Chemical Monitoring
  • Bacteriological Monitoring
  • Stream Biomonitoring

- Grayling Stormwater Management Strategies and Tour


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