Land Resources (Biol/Geol/Geog 301)

Great Lakes Campus - Summer Session I

Course Description

Systems level perspective on land forms and ecosystems. Includes analysis and interpretation of field data, remote sensing data derived from satellites and aircraft and geographic information systems (GIS). Field trips to and analysis of forests, wetlands, lakeshores, and rivers. Includes application to policy and land use planning. Prerequisite: one year of introductory science. Field, Applied, Interdisciplinary.

Professor: Dr. Mark Gathany, Dr. Mike Guebert, Prof. Rachel Lamb
Meets: Tuesday & Thursday

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Field Experiences

  • Alba quarry
  • Field trip to East Jordan, Charlevoix, and Ellsworth
  • Tar Lake EPA Superfund site
  • Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore
  • Kirtland’s Warbler protected area
  • Traverse City city planning office
  • Hartwick Pines