Costs and Financial Aid

Au Sable offers generous scholarships, fellowships, and grants to assist students in meeting the cost of tuition. We encourage you to read carefully about the scholarships, fellowships, and grants below. Please contact the admissions office, if you have any questions.

Paying for Au Sable

Tuition at Au Sable is $2640 per 4 credit course. Students who attend one of our sustaining partner schools are eligible for a $500 tuition reduction ($600 for Canadian Sustaining Partner schools). In addition to tuition, there are the following fees:

  • Application Fee: US $25 (non-refundable, not applied to tuition)
  • Tuition Deposit: US $400 (per academic session, applied to tuition)
  • Site Fees:
  • May Session - Great Lakes: US $205 per week
  • May Session - Costa Rica: US $490 per week
  • May Session - India: US $230 per week
  • Summer Session I - Great Lakes: US $325 per week
  • Summer Session II - Great Lakes: US $325 per week
  • Summer Session II - Pacific Rim: US $485 per week


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Students are eligible to apply for financial aid from Au Sable after they have completed the registration process and enrolled in their Au Sable courses. Au Sable provides generous financial aid options to students taking our courses because we want to assist in making an Au Sable education possible for every interested student. In 2016, every student who applied for financial aid received one of our grants, fellowships, or scholarships. Our fellowships, grants, and scholarships include:

Sustaining Partner College Grants – Certain schools are part of Au Sable's Sustaining Partner Colleges. Students from these schools receive an automatic grant of $500 per course ($600 for Canadian Sustaining Partner schools). Current sustaining partners are Bethel University (MN), Calvin College, Cedarville University, Cornerstone University, Covenant College, North Park University, Redeemer University College, The King's University and Trinity Western University.

Au Sable Fellowship – The Institute recognizes certain students having abilities and leadership potential in environmental stewardship by designating such students as “Au Sable Fellows.” Au Sable Fellows are granted financial support of $1500 (summer courses only). Fellowships are merit-based and require evidence of excellent academic ability (min. 3.0 GPA). Fellowship recipients must enroll in two courses per summer session.

Students are selected for an Au Sable fellowship based on the following criteria:

  1. Superior academic ability (min. 3.0 GPA), exceptional interest in environmental studies, and good potential for leadership in environmental stewardship.
  2. Completion of at least a two-semester sequence in a natural science or two courses in the natural sciences before the summer of enrollment, or high school Advanced Placement (AP).
  3. Demonstration of the biblical principles of love, service and stewardship in their daily life.

After completing the pre-application process and enrolling in their selected courses, the student should 1) complete the financial aid materials available through the Au Sable online registration webpage ( and 2) request a letter of recommendation from their Au Sable faculty representative or their faculty advisor at their home college. The letter of support should affirm the student's qualifications and interest in environmental studies. The first deadline for these materials is January 15. Fellowship awards will be announced as early as January 30. Fellowship applications will continue to be accepted, with deadlines of February 15 and March 15, if fellowship funds are still available. In each case, new Fellowship awards will be announced at the end of the month. Students who qualify for receipt of this fellowship but who elect not to receive the fellowship funds will nevertheless be designated “Au Sable Fellows.”

Grant-in-aid – Grants are provided for students who have financial need and do not qualify for an Au Sable fellowship (see above). The following are requirements for this grant:

  1. Financial need must be demonstrated.
  2. The student must have good to excellent academic ability.
  3. Fellowship recipients are not eligible for grant-in-aid.

Grants will be awarded in the amount of $600 (May or Summer Sessions). Students may apply for a grant after completing the pre-application and enrollment process through Au Sable’s online registration system. Awards will be made on the basis of demonstrated financial need, available funds and date of application.

Missionary Earthkeeping Fellowship – These fellowships are awarded to qualified students that demonstrate a strong vocational commitment to a career in missions and missionary earthkeeping. This award normally provides $2000 (summer courses) or $1000 (May courses). Summer fellowship recipients must enroll in two courses per summer session. This aid is also merit-based, requiring excellent academic ability and a sincere interest in a career in missions. Students must be nominated for this scholarship by the Au Sable representative from their campus. Required credentials include a vocational statement that confirms a dedication to a career in missions, an academic transcript, a resume, and letters of recommendation from a missions professional, academic advisor, and Official Representative. The deadline for the fellowship is on or before January 15. Awards are announced by February 15.

Harold Z. Snyder Fellowship - To commemorate the vision, life, and legacy of Au Sable founder Dr. Harold Snyder, two of his former students initiated the Harold Snyder Fellowship to provide an annual award of $3000 towards courses at Au Sable. The Fellowship is given to one student each year who shows promise of developing the passion, vision, and skill to do and teach science to others as an expression of Christian faith, and as a commitment to serve and protect God's earth. Read more about Harold's legacy on the Au Sable history webpage. The Au Sable Institute invites application for the Harold Snyder Fellowship to students who possess and provide:

  1. A promising academic record, with a GPA of 3.00 or higher; sophomore standing or higher at a participating college of the Au Sable Institute; and an academic record providing evidence of pursuit of advanced knowledge and skills in environmental and conservation science.
  2. Support, in letters of recommendation, from the Faculty Representative and one other faculty member at the student's home college attesting to the student's commitment to and vision for environmental stewardship and academic promise.
  3. A pastoral reference or reference from the campus ministry staff of the student's institution attesting to the applicant's commitment to faithful and obedient Christian living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  4. A statement by the student to the Institute explaining his or her own understanding and appreciation of the work of Harold  Snyder and the Au Sable Institute, and their hopes and desires for studying the biological or environmental sciences as an act of appreciation God's Creation as well as an act of worship of the Creator.

Acceptance of the Harold Snyder Fellowship requires registration for and completion of a minimum of two courses in residence at Au Sable's Great Lakes Campus during the year in which the award is given. While there is no restriction as to which courses the recipient might take, we would encourage Field Biology, Aquatic Biology, or Lake Ecology and Management, as these subjects were close to Dr. Snyder's own academic interests. 

Application materials must be postmarked to the Institute by or before January 15. Awards are announced February 15.

David C. Mahan Fellowship. To commemorate the legacy of 30 years of service by Au Sable's former Associate Executive Director, Dr. David C. Mahan, the Institute offers the David C. Mahan Fellowship, an annual award of US $2000 towards two courses at Au Sable. The Mahan Fellowship is given annually to one student who shows the ability to advance the work of creation care through creative and caring relational collaborations with others, a hallmark of the work of Dave Mahan during his three decades at Au Sable. Participating Colleges may nominate one student. Application procedures and selection criteria are the same as the Snyder Fellowship except that the student's statement must explain how he or she has used skills in creating relationally based collaborations to further creation care.

Calvin B. DeWitt Leadership Fellowship – Participating Colleges may nominate one student for a Leadership Fellowship each year. Au Sable will normally select one student to receive this award. The recipient receives a $5100 Leadership Fellowship that will be applied to the recipient's expenses for one summer session (two-course enrollment required). In addition to academic excellence, nominees must show high potential for leadership in Christian environmental stewardship as documented by the nominating institution in the case statement prepared on behalf of the nominee. The case statement must accompany the nomination letter by the college and should include:

  1. A statement from the college describing the student's financial need and giving evidence of the student's leadership potential, including personal growth in recent years;
  2. A personal statement (500-600 words) by the student reflecting on experiences which demonstrate past leadership, interest in and commitment to Christian environmental stewardship;
  3. Personal belief and future goals and aspirations;
  4. Three letters of recommendation;
  5. Current copies of all college transcripts, and
  6. A resume listing education, service involvement, leadership positions and community, church, and co-curricular activities. This fellowship is granted to a student enrolled in either summer session.
  7. Nominations, including case statement, must be filed with the Institute Registrar by the home institution on or before January 15 and should accompany the student's application and course enrollment form. Awards are announced February 15.

Honors Scholarship – This award is granted to Institute alumni who have achieved at least a 3.0 G.P.A. in each of their prior Au Sable courses. It is an automatic grant of $250 (for May courses) and $400 (per session for summer courses). Receipt of the Au Sable Honors Scholarship does not diminish the alumni’s opportunity to qualify for additional financial assistance.