Certificate Programs

Every year a number of students take advantage of Au Sable’s specialized courses to become certified in a particular area of environmental stewardship. Completing an Au Sable certificate program confirms a student’s expertise in the foundational knowledge and skills of that particular area of environmental stewardship, while offering the flexibility for students to shape their course of study according to their interests. ASI administers certificate programs in the following areas:


Land Resources Analyst

Water Resources Analyst

Environmental Analyst

Students interested in working toward a certificate should indicate this on their admissions form or give written notice to Brian Keas, the Director of Educational Development.  

To receive their certificate, students working toward a certificate must file a formal certificate application no later than the beginning of the semester in which they expect to graduate from their home institution. Applications may be obtained from the Admissions Office.

Students working toward any Au Sable certificate or the Institute diploma must complete the following:

  1. A baccalaureate degree program at a college or university approved by the Institute.
  2. An approved major field of study at a liberal arts college or university with an average grade of C or better in the major field of study.
  3. A minimum of three approved courses for a minimum of 270 contact hours taken in residence at the Institute.
  4. A minimum of four field courses totaling a minimum of 300 contact hours taken at either or both the college and the Institute.
  5. A minimum of one applied course with a minimum of 45 contact hours.
  6. A minimum of two interdisciplinary courses each with a minimum of 45 contact hours.
  7. An average grade of C or better for courses taken at the Institute for certification and an average grade of B or better for courses taken at the Institute for a diploma.

Each certificate requires specific course, skill, and experience qualifications for students to complete their program of choice. Read more about our naturalist, land resources analyst, water resources analyst, and environmental analyst certificates.