The Pacific Rim campus is located at the Pacific Rim Institute on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound, the mid-point connecting Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle, Washington. Whidbey Island is surrounded by ocean and mountain ranges, with the Olympic Mountain Range to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east. A great marine environment encloses the island, with a wonderful estuary to the east. Pacific Rim is situated on a former state game farm and includes a rare, remnant, glacial outwash prairie, home to the threatened golden paintbrush plant. Nearby tide pools display a remarkable array of sea life at low tide, and coastal cliffs rise along the eastern boundary of the Pacific Ocean. Orca whales and harbor seals, flocks of feeding shore birds, abundant marine invertebrates and diverse sea plants, and scores of Bald Eagles are among the creatures that can be observed on the site.

The environment surrounding Pacific Rim is unique to the US, and remarkably abundant and diverse ecologically. From forest to sea, desert to rain forest, sea level to mountain heights, there is overwhelmingly wondrous wildlife and geological formations. Of particular significance in the region are Olympic National Park, the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, North Cascades National Park, and numerous marine laboratories within Puget Sound. The climate at Pacific Rim is characterized by an annual rainfall of only 18 inches, comfortable temperatures, and pleasant ocean breezes. Summer days are temperate, insects are minimal, and conditions are excellent for conducting work in the field.




Courses run at the Pacific Rim campus during Summer Session II. 


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