Au Sable India Campus

Au Sable’s India Campus is located at Bishop Heber College in Tiruchirapalli city in the State of Tamil Nadu, South India. As one of the mega-diversity regions of the world, South India has a remarkably varied and beautiful landscape with a great diversity of wildlife. The region includes such wide-ranging landscapes as coastal ecosystems, mangrove forests, plainlands, thorn scrub, dry and moist deciduous forests, evergreen shoal forest, and grassland and mountain tropical ecosystems in the Western Ghats Mountain Range. Here you will find both vistas of breathtaking beauty as well as landscapes of ecological fragmentation and degradation. Black buck, Nilgiri Tahr (a goat antelope), Nilgiri langurs, giant flying squirrels, monitor lizards, lion-tailed macaques and a rich diversity of birds are among the native, and often threatened, wildlife species in the area. Especially significant nearby wildlife preserves are Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Point Calimere, and Periyar Tiger Reserve. Temperatures in winter are between 22 and 27 Celsius (70 to 80 Fahrenheit) and slightly warmer in the summer. The mountain regions are cooler. Read our course description.



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At Bishop Heber College, students have access to dormitories, classroom space, cafeteria, BHC buses for transportation, and hotels and hostels while on overnight field trips.

The Heber Au Sable Institute offers a master‘s of science degree in environmental science, which includes a requirement for college students to lead environmental education programs for primary school children and teachers and to conduct research on appropriate practices. These include plastered straw construction, rooftop gardening, and wastewater treatment by artificial wetland systems.

See pictures of the Bishop Heber Campus and field trip spots or view the map below for field trip locations and descriptions.

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