Who's Coming?

2017 participants will include:


-Nathalie Shanstrom 

-Nathan, Alden, and Owen Aaberg 

-Kenneth and Jackie Sytsma 

-John and Sally Korstad

-Henry and Jane Brouwer

-Tara Jean and Peter (Sunshine) Cahill 

-Terry and Shirley Morrison 

-Dick and Nancy Hodgson

-David Unander

-Dan and Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito

-Orin Gelderloos

-Michael Wagg

-Colleen Chandler

-Andy Park

-Dale and Carol Stephenson

-Jeff Schloss

-Marvin Mullet

-Rolf Bouma

-Joel Carpenter

-Delmar and Lois VanderZee

-Susan Emmerich

-Calvin DeWitt

-Peter and Caleb Scholtens

-Lauren Westerman

-Steve Morgan

-Edward, Dawn, Sawyer, Collyer, Mora and Asher Berkelaar 

-Lauren Westerman

-Roger and Connie Brummel

-Jon and Kristen Terry

-Linda Van Dyke

-Au Sable Staff & SSII Faculty

-Au Sable Students

-Au Sable Board



Check Back Often to See Who Else Will Be Attending This Year's Reunion