As a participant of one -- or many! -- Au Sable programs, Au Sable alumni have become a part of the Au Sable community and a wider fellowship made of thousands of individuals around the world who are dedicating their lives to living out God's call to serve, protect, and restore the earth through their career and life. 

We have a number of great ways to connect alumni across time and space to forge bonds through shared experiences at Au Sable and shared passion for creation care.

First, the best way to stay connected with the Au Sable community is by staying connected with Au Sable. Updating contact information keeps you informed of alumni stories and events and allows Au Sable staff and faculty to connect you with opportunities that come our way in your neck of the woods.

Second, alumni can connect professionally through our Au Sable Linkedin page. Our Linkedin group allows alums to view and share job opportunities, discuss the latest questions and topics in creation care, and find other Au Sable alumni nearby or in a place to which they may be moving.

Third, alumni looking at the next steps in their professional career can take advantage of the Au Sable Professional Network, a great way to get some insight on the next career move or how to break into your field of interest. Made up of 30 Christian professionals from diverse backgrounds within the environmental field, ASPN allows alumni to connect with a professional mentor who can offer professional advice, connections, or insight.

Lastly, we would love to see you in person for our annual Au Sable Alumni and Friends Reunion, held each summer at the Great Lakes Campus. It is a great way to come together with other alumni at Au Sable for good fellowship, discussion, and reaffirmation of our shared commitment to care for God's earth.