Dr. Robert Zwier, Chair : photo

Dr. Robert Zwier, Chair

Robert Zwier (Ph.D, University of Wisconsin – Madison) is a respected Christian political scientist, teacher, scholar, and administrator. He has held positions as Provost and Senior Vice President of Roberts Wesleyan College (New York), Provost of Malone College (Ohio), Vice President for Academic Affairs at Colorado Christian University (Colorado), and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Northwestern College (Iowa). 

An expert in curricular development, evaluation, and assessment, Bob served for 11 years on the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association (NCA) of Colleges and Schools, the recognized accrediting authority for colleges and universities throughout the US Midwest. Bob also worked as a Mentor in the CCCU’s Executive Leadership Development Program, a group formed specifically to assist individuals new to positions in academic leadership. Bob also served previously on the regional (Northwest Iowa) Board of the Center for Public Justice, working to develop a faith-based understanding of political issues. 

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Dave Lamb, Treasurer : photo

Dave Lamb, Treasurer

David Lamb (M. Div. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, MI) is a widely respected pastor, administrator, and development professional who now serves as Managing Director of Lake Ann Camp in Lake Ann, Michigan west of Traverse City. For 17 years David served as Senior Pastor of the Highland Hills Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan before taking his present position at Lake Ann Camp. 

Active in the development of global missions and their supporting networks of outreach in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, The Philippines, and Brazil, David also developed local urban ministries in Grand Rapids that served migrant laborers, international professionals, and urban church planting. A skilled administrator, financial manager, and budget forecaster, David brings to the Au Sable Board a wealth of skill and experience in institutional administration in Christian mission, financial development, and budget management. 

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Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger, Secretary : photo

Dr. Steven Bouma-Prediger, Secretary

Steve teaches in the Religion Department, directs the Environmental Studies program, and is Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning at Hope College. Having lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Steve now lives in a 121 year old house in Holland, Michigan with his wife and numerous animals with Spanish names (Rosita, Lokita). His oldest daughter Anna is a Hope College graduate living in New York City, his middle daughter Chara is a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay, and his youngest daughter Sophia is a student at Hope. His wife Celaine is a marriage and family therapist, a spiritual director, and an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America. Steve spends as much time as possible outside, including taking students whitewater rafting, flatwater canoeing, and backpacking in the Adirondacks of upstate New York every May as part of a 3 week Hope course entitled “Ecological Theology and Ethics.”

Steve is a graduate (in mathematics and computer science) of Hope College, has masters degrees from the Institute for Christian Studies (in philosophy) and Fuller Theological Seminary (in theology) as well as a Ph.D. in religious studies from The University of Chicago. Steve has written five books: The Greening of Theology; Assessing the Ark: A Christian Perspective on Non-Human Creatures and the Endangered Species Act; Evocations of Grace: The Writings of Joseph Sittler on Ecology, Theology, and Ethics (with Peter Bakken); For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care (now in a revised second edition); and Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in an Age of Displacement (with Brian Walsh). He is currently writing a book on ecological virtue ethics from a Christian perspective, entitled What Kind of Person Would Do Something Like That?: A Christian Virtue Ethic.

In addition to teaching for four years at North Park College in Chicago and for the last 21 years at Hope College, Steve has also taught at North Park Seminary in Chicago, Fuller Seminary in Los Angeles, and Western Seminary in Holland, Michigan. For the past 17 years Steve has also taught with the Creation Care Study Program in Belize and New Zealand. 

“I have known of Au Sable since the early 1980’s and first visited in 1992 for one of the famous Au Sable forums. I have known many of the faculty and staff and recommended study at Au Sable to many students. I have great respect for the work of Au Sable for I have seen its fruit in many ways: in the lives of its faculty and students, in the publications of those associated with its programs, in the creative vision of its board and leaders.”

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Helena Cicero : photo

Helena Cicero

Helena Cicero is the Interim Director of the Oakes Museum at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania where she has been working since 2004. Helena has served in numerous roles at the Oakes Museum, starting as a Docent from 2004-2008, Education Coordinator from 2008-2017 and now Interim Director. In her role, Helena writes and implements curriculum for the museum classroom, broadens the scope of educational offerings at the museum as well as managing and coordinating all museum education programs.

Prior to the Oakes Museum, Helena worked as a Teacher-Naturalist and Safari Overnight Manager at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA, and volunteered at the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in Alamo, Texas. Helena's connection with Au Sable is long standing as she completed the Environmental Education Internship in 1999 which she credits as being instrumental in shaping her into who she is today. 

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Dr. Eugene Dunkley : photo

Dr. Eugene Dunkley

Eugene Dunkley has worked as a Professor of Biology at Greenville College, IL for the past 15 years. He teaches Microbiology, Cell Biology, and Bioethics. He is also the Dean of Diversity and holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in NYC. He and his family lived in Oxford, U.K. from 1991 to 2001 as he completed post-doctoral positions at Oxford University and in biotechnology. He is also one of the Directors of the NGO Agape Scholars along with his wife, Jennifer Dunkley. Agape House is dedicated to the education of the poor and orphaned children of Malawi, East Africa and began in 2013. He and his wife are also ordained ministers and currently pastor a church in rural Illinois.

Dr. Dunkley spent one year in Malawi from 2009 to 2010. During that time he was able to see the effect of climate change on the indigenous population's ability to grow sustainable crops, protect them from flooding, and control endemic disease. He has brought student groups to Malawi to work with organizations such as Fisherman's Rest to address deforestation and clean water. He sees Au Sable as an organization that can have a major impact on developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and hopes to see a campus located there in the future.

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Dale Stephenson, J.D. : photo

Dale Stephenson, J.D.

Dale Stephenson is a well known and respected expert in environmental law who's distinguished career as former General Partner with the international law firm Squire Sanders (now Spuire Patton Boggs) has gained him esteem in the international legal community. Through his legal expertise, Dale now serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustee of Spring Arbor University in Spring Arbor Michigan, the Director of the Spring Arbor University Foundation and a member of the legal advisory committee of FLOW (For Love of Water) a non-profit environmental organization working to ensure that the waters of the Great Lakes are protected now and for future generations.

In his legal career, Dale has worked extensively in international environmental law, representing foreign governments of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago as well as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). In addition to drafting comprehensive environmental laws and regulations outside the United States, he also has been recognized as one of the leading U.S. environmental lawyers throughout his career.

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Bert Froysland, Founding Trustee : photo

Bert Froysland, Founding Trustee

Bert Froysland first became involved with Au Sable in 1963 when the founder of Au Sable, Harold Snyder, recruited him for what was then called Au Sable Trails Camp for Youth as a board member, treasurer, business manager, and overseer for day-to-day operations.

With a B.A. in English from Calvin College and an M.A. in English from the University of Michigan, Bert taught high school in West Michigan for 37 years. He treasures the opportunity and joy of having enriched the minds of young people. He remains in contact with former students from as far back as 1955. Equally, if not more, rewarding has been his involvement at Au Sable Institute and witnessing the life-altering impact it has had on hundreds of young people. A bonus has been being invited to the weddings of several couples who met at Au Sable, receiving pictures of their children, and maintaining contact with many Au Sable alumni as they have moved on in their careers.

Now entering his 48th year of service to Au Sable, Bert says, “My work with Au Sable was the beginning of what has become a life-long journey of discovery, discovery not just of the wonders of creation but of God’s delight in His creation and of the Christian’s responsibility to care for it.”

In reflecting on his life, Bert recalls the words of the narrator in Robert Frost’s poem
“Two Tramps in Mudtime”:

                                      My object in living is to unite          
                                      My avocation and my vocation
                                      As my two eyes make one in sight.
                                      Only where love and need are one,
                                      And the work is play for mortal stakes,
                                      Is the deed ever really done
                                      For heaven and the future’s sakes.

Read Harold and Bert’s story about the founding of Au Sable.

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Dr. Harold Snyder, Founding Trustee : photo

Dr. Harold Snyder, Founding Trustee

In 1958, Dr. Harold Snyder co-founded the Au Sable Trails Youth Camp, now Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies. He serves as a Founding Trustee on the Au Sable board.

Harold received his Master’s from the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1961. He taught high school science at Creston High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he met Bert Froysland and forged what would be a lifetime of friendship and working together.
Following his time at Creston, Harold taught at Grand Rapids Junior College for three years before moving on to Taylor University in 1962 where he taught for 20 years. In 1963, when the youth camp became Au Sable Institute, Harold ran the Great Lakes Campus and directed the organization until 1980.

In 1980, Harold founded, along with his son, Jim, Cedar Bend Farm and Early American Retreat Center in Mancelona, Michigan. He worked with the program until 2004.

Harold is enjoying retirement while sitting on the board at his church and serving as a Founding Trustee for Au Sable.

Read Harold and Bert’s story about the founding of Au Sable.

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